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Herbal Coffees HERBAL COFFEE

Coffee Dreaming. There is no better way to start the day…

Many of us enjoy a cup of coffee – and why not? It has a great deal of flavor: bitter with sugar and milk or just plain black. Add a little cream, chocolate… a sugar biscuit on the side – pure indulgence…

Then we find for some obscure but necessary health reason that our pleasures indulging in this traditional ritual may have to be terminated or at least stayed.

Well there is a future after coffee and although it requires change– it’s not all bad. Coffee Dreaming is about as close to coffee, whilst still pleasing the health advisors – as we can get. Some people who never had a coffee in their life, and never wanted one, croon over its flavor.

It maybe what you are looking for: a health packed coffee with the bitter, sweet flavor AND with all good news to the detractors: a healthy natural Coffee substitute.

Dandelion with its body andrich roasted flavor

Chicory for the bitter flavor of coffee

Licorice sweetness to balance the bitterness of chicory

These ingredients have been put together to make a very palatable, if not delectable beverage.

Coffee Dreaming (link to shop) is taken black or with milk and a sweetener – try Xylitol, (link to shop) it is a beautiful compliment.

And for those of you who prefer it without the Liquorice we have the ‘Dandelion and Chicory’ (link to shop) Stand alone pack.

Traditionally the ingredients that make this little miracle have been used as follows :

Dandelion: to treat liver and gallbladder problems, swelling skin problems heartburn and stomach upset as well as digestive disorders and inflammation.

Chicory: has been used as a natural laxative,a tonic and as a diuretic. It is also stated to benefit the liver by protecting it from the effects of excess coffee and is often for this reason added to coffee. It is still used in Europe to treat rapid heartbeats.

Liquorice (for flavour enhancer) was found when used in small amounts a remarkable herb: anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-arthritic similar to that of cortisone but without its side effects.