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are made from organically grown herbs dried and packaged with the best of ingredients for people who not only want their teas to taste good but believe they need to be good for them.


By popular demand, and following through on some long standing, well researched, and passionate dreams – we are proud to extend our plant range to include the most sought-after Bush Tucker Plants, Trees and Berries that this fine land has to offer.

To give you a taste, you will find such delicacies as:

  • Midyim Berries – considered by some to be the most flavorsome and sought-after Bush Tucker Food around. Grows as a small shrub and is compact enough for any sized garden.
  • Beach Cherry – imagine a thick bushy hedge with glossy dark green leaves, covered in bright red berries. Brilliant as a privacy screen!
  • Curries and desserts never tasted so good – try any of our three varieties of Bush Tucker Tamarind – Native, Northern or Small Leafed Tamarind – all edible, all delicious and all available here….
  • Visit our Shop (Provide link) to order online now and get in quick as the Bush Tucker wave takes flight!
  • And see our Trees section (link) for Exotic Fruit Trees from around the world – South America, Asia and more. If you think lychees taste good..have you ever tasted a Longan ?
  • And did we mention the Miracle Tree – read more here…

Coming Soon – Bush Tucker FOOD ! Berries, nuts, spices.Your dinner parties can take on a whole new flavour… watch this space.


With a little love and attention you are able to grow the most magnificent plants – right on your balcony.

Here are some inspirations :

Dwarf Cardamom – Spicy fragrance and shiny lush green foliage, Dwarf Cardamom is mainly used for the leaves as a tea, in poaching water or wrapping meat/vege parcels. A magnificent plant for the discerning balcony dweller.

Berried in Berries – Berries make a most space-efficient edible garden. Plant in a large pot with a piece of trellis behind and watch your investment bear fruit. All you need to do is change the soil every 2 years and you are in business!Herbs2HealMehas a wide selection:

  • Boysenberry
  • Loganberry
  • Marionberry
  • Silvanberry
  • Thornless Blackberry
  • Thornless Youngberry

Can’t get your head around a trellis? No worries, try our free standing range – no extra support necessary, just a pot will do:

  • Jostaberry – cross between a currant and a gooseberry – yum!
  • Cherry Berrie (Chilean Guava) – an easy to grow cranberry
  • The Currant Family – Black, Red, White
  • Midyim Berry – Bush Tucker favourite

Or for the extra space conscious try:
Cranberry – space efficient, healthy berry

And for the piece de resistance – it would have to be…. Wait for it…. Butterfly Ginger – it sounds exquisite, it looks exquisite, it tastes exquisite. What else do you need to know?… Order yours now!

Our range is forever expanding, so stay tuned and always ask! Did we mention Strawberry Guava ?… stay tuned.


Try these for some inspiration in the garden:

The Fragrant Garden

Tree Marigold we were once told, was one of the most fragrant plants in the world ! Have you ever smelled one? Ooohhh!! And it has been used as a pest repellent as well!

For fragrance, try the beautiful family of Geraniums:

  • Coconut Geranium
  • Lemon Geranium
  • Lime Geranium
  • Nutmeg Geranium
  • Cinnamon Geranium
  • Peppermint Geranium
  • Rose Geranium

And more flavours to come

The beauty of these Geraniums is that they are not merely fragrant, they are extremely flavoursome as a tea or added to your favourite recipes – it is only limited by the imagination! For example, try

  • Coconut Geranium in your Thai Stir Fry
  • Cinnamon Geranium in Orange & Date Muffins
  • Nutmeg Geranium in your Moussaka
  • Lime Geranium in your Summer punch
  • Or as a stand alone delicacy, try
  • Chocolate Coated Coconut Geraniums leaves

The Insect Repellent Plot
Every balcony, courtyard, BBQ area, back patio, front porch, office complex needs one. Try a combination of these:

  • Rue
  • Southernwood
  • Feverfew
  • Eau De Cologne
  • Tansy
  • Tree Marigold
  • Hyssop

Some favourite ideas are 6 Rue Plants being grown in wine barrels around the patio area. Great picture ! Thanks to Mornington, VIC.

And Tansy being planted all through the lawn around the BBQ area. Then when you mow the day the guests are due to arrive, a fragrance fills the air that would make any mossie think twice. Thanks to Red Hill, VIC.

Ask us about more ideas:

  • The Salad Buffet
  • The Medicine Chest

And more…

Important Message!
Our range is forever expanding, so stay tuned and always ask! Did we mention Strawberry Guava?… stay tuned.


The world of herbs is a treasure trove to explore. Their history, their discoveries, their intricate elements & traditional uses all have a story to tell.

Throughout our travels into the wild blue yonder – or at least to the markets around Sydney and Victoria – we are rewarded by encountering all types of interesting characters, many of whom have a yarn to tell. In the spirit of sharing wisdom which we hold dear, our market clients and customers seem to respond in kind and we receive much wisdom, manystories, anecdotes and tales from them.

Here are a fewfavorite tips we have gathered along the way…..

Inspired Recipes:

Balm Of Gilead Pizza
Loved this one:

  • Pita Bread
  • Tomato Paste
  • Prawns
  • Mushrooms
  • Onion
  • Chopped Balm Of Gilead
  • The fresh aniseed flavor of Balm of Gilead leaves basil for dead apparently!
  • Thanks to Bright, VIC.

Fruit Salad Sage Chicken
For any chicken dish, poaching, roasting or stir fry, Fruit Salad or Fruity Sage is the herb of choice. Not to mention its bright fuchsia coloured flowers which turns any garden into a showpiece. Thanks to Elwood, VIC.

Peppermint Infused Apple & Rhubarb Crumble
For a crumble with a difference, try chopping peppermint or rose geranium leaves into the apple and rhubarb mix. The flavor infusion is incredible. Thanks to Williamstown, VIC.

Teas for Kids
Have you ever wondered how to get the family inspired to drink herbal teas? One Mum shared with us that she brews the teas, flavours them with Xylitol (for one rebellious family member), dilutes the teas a little, puts them into small water bottles and lines the fridge door with them. Then when anyone goes for their water top up, they are drinking an infusion of goodness! Well done Mum! Thanks to Violet Town, VIC.

Sugar Free Christmas Cake – Icing and all !
Did you ever think there could be such a thing ? Sugar Free Christmas or any Cake for that matter – just substitute sugar with 2/3 the quantity of Xylitol. And our best tip – add a little more moisture into the mix – a banana or your favourite fruit. Xylitol holds the volume but cuts the calories. Thanks to – us actually!

Beloved Pets
We all know our beloved pets can make their way into our hearts before we even notice. They can be our life’s companion, our confidante and the greatest mate that doesn’t talk back. When we are sorrowful, they know: when we are ready for adventure, they are by our side.

We have been witness to many such acknowledgements of this unconditional love with pet owners taking care of their furry loved ones’ needs by sharing their appreciation of the healing power of herbs.

One gentlemen fed fresh Gotu Kola leaves (the Arthritis Plant) to his dog and after 6 months reported to have a “different dog”. The beloved pet went from barely being able to walk – to running in the park on their daily adventure out. He could not speak highly enough of this plant. Thanks to Brim bank, VIC.

Another gentleman, bought Arthritis Aid for his 9 loving cats. He was very committed to these cuddly companions as he parted with what appeared to be his life savings. He was feeding them our Arthritis Aid as it is in powdered formwhich makes it easy to add to their food and the taste is enjoyable. Love conquers all. Thanks to Double Bay, NSW.

By the way, a little love goes a long way – Arthritis Aid was designed for humans!! We’d better catch up with being a bit loyal to our own health needs or our loyal furry friends will bring us to shame! Loved ones come in 2 legged varieties also.

Bone Knit (Comfrey)– we have all received innumerable stories of people applying Comfrey topically to their broken bones with amazing success – broken wrists from skating, broken foot bones from falling down stairs, the list goes on.

One favorite would have to be a story about a young poddy calf (a beloved pet) whohad completely broken its hoof and was at risk of having to depart this great earth, much to the dismay of his distraught owners. However, through some inspiration of one of the younger members of the family, they researched natural alternatives and found COMFREY. They applied a mass of leaves to the calf’s hoof, bandaged it up and left it on for as long as the bandage would hold. After about a month, they took off the remaining dressing and found the break had completely healed. This Bull is now living happily in greener pastures. Thanks to Benalla, VIC.

Thanks to all those who have shared their tips, tricks and tales. We love passing them on to ignite a bit of inspiration into everyone’s herbal solutions.

Watch each season come and go with new eyesWatch each season come and go with new eyes
new growth
Its brilliant blossoms
Its bare branches
Its fruitful harvest
Its pure determination
Its evolution
You may see yourself in its reflection