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Returns Policy

Returns PolicyIf you (the ‘customer’) fail to receive the good(s) ordered and paid for within 21 days of purchase, domestically (in Australia), and 32 days internationally (outside Australia), we will upon receipt of written notice from you, investigate the delivery delay and notify you of the expected delivery time.

If the customer is dissatisfied with the actual quality of the goods, the customer needs to return the goods that are believed to be unacceptable quality. We will assess the situation and if the goods are not of the quality that they should be, we will reissue goods of the intended quality to you.

The consumer determines prior to proceeding to the shopping basket what goods are chosen for purchase. Thus, if you chose different goods to the ones you wanted, you will not be entitled to a refund, in this scenario.

If you are totally dissatisfied with the goods you receive, please email stating what it is that you are dissatisfied about and we will make reasonable efforts to rectify the issue, or refund the monies paid where we cannot rectify the issue.