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The Herb Store Marelkets


If you want to see us in the flesh – here’s where to find us at the bseautiful markets around Sydney, and the occasional visit to Victoria. Please make sure you call us to confirm our attendance at a particular market – as sometimes the plants demand our attention and we cannot be in all places at once..

Here is a selection of the Markets we have been attending:

Thursday – Market

Friday – Market

Saturday – Market

1st Saturday of Month – Market

2nd Saturday of Month – Market

3rd Sunday of Month – Market

4th Saturday of Month – Market

Sunday – Market

1st Sunday of Month – Market

Heritage Craft Fair, St Ives

4th Sunday of Month – Market

Please email us to confirm our attendance at a particular market as the world changes quickly around here!

Whilst we are meeting new beautiful customers &friends in Sydney, we will never forget our Victorian clients and friends. Thank you for your vast support & continued love of our products as we opened our doors to the public defining our niche in the marketplace.

To all our Victorian Customers – come and visit when you are next in Sydney! Or…

There may be the odd occasion when we will venture back to our roots and come to Victoria – so please email us to check if we are:

1st Saturday of Month

Elwood Primary

Echuca Farmers

1st Sunday of Month

2nd Saturday of Month

2nd Sunday of Month

3rd Saturday of Month

3rd Sunday of Month

4th Saturday of Month

Ballarat Lakeside

Last Sunday of Month

Public Holiday Weekends

From November Through to January Thursday

St Kilda Twilight


Abbottsford Supper Twilight

We thoroughly loved each and every market that we have been involved in over the years in Victoria. We loved the customers, what you shared with us, your passion for herbs and your commitment to your gardens and your health. If we are not around at markets in Melbourne, stay in touch, and order what ever you need, don’t miss out. We may be online to you now, but we are never too far away! Email us at anytime.

Thank you to all those who continue to make our growth possible..spread the word, and the word is HERBS!!!!!

If you want to feel normal again, there is always tea...
If you want to feel normal again, there is always tea...