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Though not exceptionally tall, up to 15m, they appear huge. The name bottle tree relates to the swollen trunk that can reach a massive girth of up to 20m. The boab is a very slow growing tree. It is deciduous, dropping all leaves during the dry season. Boab trees flower and fruit in the wet season. It is hardy to around 00C.

Comments Warnings : Most parts are edible and it is the source of a number of materials. They have a delicious crisp root similar in taste and texture to water chestnut. Fresh Boab is versatile and can be used raw in salads or lightly cooked in stirfries, soups and Asian style dishes. Its medicinal products and the ability to store water through dry seasons has been exploited. Indigenous Australians obtained water from hollows in the tree, and used the white powder that fills the seed pods as a food.