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Kurrajongs can be found in various well-drained soil types, often appearing amongst rocky outcrops of granite or limestone and also thriving on deeper soils in some areas. It is a drought-tolerant, evergreen tree that likes fertile, well-draining soil and full sun. It tolerates frosts in the 0° to -5°C range or heavy frosts colder than -5°C. It naturally occurs from north-eastern Victoria to Townsville and from the coast through to the semi-arid inland. The tree produces red flowers, which are followed by a brown leathery pod. The pods split to reveal a group of seeds, which are best removed with a stick due to the hairs.

Comments Warnings : Seeds have traditionally been used as a coffee substitute. Leaves are good for animal forage. Usually found in drier areas. The seed is quite nutritious and nutty in flavour. Be careful of pods when collecting. Use gloves.