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Muntries seem to prefer well drained soil of a moderately acid to strongly alkaline pH (6.0 - 8.0). Anecdotal evidence suggests that overwatering muntries may result in a dilution of flavour in the berries. Extremely dry soils should also be avoided. They are drought tolerant. They like planting in a sheltered location to avoid wind damage. In Spring Muntries produce attractive fluffy white flowers which are followed by edible succulent red and green berries. Though a hardy plant that can withstand dry periods and high temperatures, adequate water is essential for cultivation, the plant does not like over-watering especially in early spring, spurting vegetative growth competing with flowering and fruit setting. Extreme dry soils should be avoided as well as waterlogging.

Comments Warnings : The berries of Muntries have a spicy, stewed apple-like flavor. The fruit was eaten both fresh or alternatively formed into a dried paste that could be traded with other tribes or stored for consumption over winter by Aborigines. Early European settlers also incorporated the berries of Muntries in pies, jellies, preserves, chutneys and relishes. They are seen often in Australian bushfood markets.