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This tree has bright pink new growth. It produces white flowers, dull pink to red fruit, in bunches at the edge of the foliage. The fruits are popular with many birds. As long as it is protected, this tree will survive in cool temperatures. It will handle full sun but needs adequate moisture with dry spells in between. The soil is better if it is enriched but it will handle ordinary soils. It is tolerant of moderate wind conditions with hardiness to -50C for brief periods.

Comments Warnings : One of the most popular rainforest trees grown. It is valued for its beauty. The fruit is eaten fresh or made into jams, jellies, cordials or deserts. Usually loved by children. The flavor of the fruit is often described as tart with a cranberry like flavor when fresh. Riberry, Small Leaf Lilly Pilly and Cherry Alder make a highly refreshing summer drink.