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Prefers warm temperatures and moderately rich, well drained soil. Plants reach maximum productivity in their first growing season, but can be pruned to achieve an early, although less substantial harvest in their second year in subtropical climates. Roselle is very sensitive to frost. It succeeds best in tropical and subtropical regions with a rainfall of about 72 in (182 cm) during its growing season. Where rainfall is inadequate, irrigation has given good results. Deep, fairly fertile sandy loam is preferable. It is an annual, bushy, herbaceous subshrub to 8 ft (2.4 m) tall, with smooth or nearly smooth, cylindrical, typically red stems.

Comments Warnings : It is eaten in many different ways including raw in fruit salads. It is very tart, with a crisp and succulent texture. Not only is the succulent calyx used for making jams and sauces, they are also dried to make tea. The flowers are edible and the petals make an attractive addition to summer salads. The tender young leaves may be cooked as spinach.