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Aspen, Silver
Aspen, Silver

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A tree to 15m (50 ft) in height, with an appealing canopy of dark green leaves. The stem of the tree can be straight or crooked. Small white flowers in the months of January to May. The fruit is a moist fleshy drupe containing black oval seeds, around 4 mm long. Fruit are eaten by rainforest birds, including the Wompoo Fruit-Dove. The habitat of this plant is seaside rainforest on sand, but it also grows in warm temperate rainforests away from the coast. It has been recorded as far south the Illawarra district, south of Sydney. It grows as far north as Fraser Island, in SE Qld. It is hardy to 00C for short periods. Needs protection from cold winds.

Comments Warnings : The edible fruits have a pleasant but rather sour aromatic taste, and are suitable for making jam. The leaves have historically been rubbed into a ball and placed in the nostrils to relieve colds.