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Bush Almond
Bush Almond

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This tree is common in tropical and sub-tropical Queensland. The bush almond requires cool, moist conditions in well-drained soils. It is a slow grower in the southern States and requires protection from frosts and winds. It is a bushy tree, 10-18m tall by 5-8m wide, with diverse dark green leaves. The tree bears numerous small brown flowers followed by attractive blue 3-cm-long fruits and large, flattened, sweet but woody nuts. The nuts are borne from February through to April. The tree also has a beautiful scent when in flower, which is similar to the macadamia flower but is stronger and more spicy.

Comments Warnings : Also know as Atherton Oak. It has been described as tasting like a coconut or similar to a macadamia but milder and with a sweeter taste. The blue fruits are up to 4cm long and contain a woody-shelled nut with a large, crunchy edible kernal.