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Bush Tomato (Desert Raisin)
Bush Tomato (Desert Raisin)

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Prefers well-drained soil, full sun position and can tolerate dry conditions once established. It liks a loam/gravel soil. It will send up suckers and the main plant may die back with the new shoots showing a short distance away. Very adaptable, hardy and fast growing species for lighter soils. It is drought, frost and lime tolerant. High levels of sunshine are needed for ripening and it is not a suitable plant for high rainfall areas.

Comments Warnings : A delicious fruit with the flavour of sun-dried tomato for use in recipes with tomato, cheese or eggs also with salmon and stronger flavoured white or game meats. It has been used as a food source by Central Australian Aboriginal groups for millennia. Unripe fruit conain toxic substances and should not be eaten. Ref link for uses.