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Davidson Plum
Davidson Plum

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This beautiful palm shaped tree has graceful fronds with fine hairy stems on the underside of leaves. It is one of the most decorative rainforest species in cultivation and deserves a prominent though not exposed position as a specimen. It prefers warm conditions but will tolerate colder climates. Container plants make superb indoor plants and can adapt to low light. It produces clusters of large dark blue to black plums 4-5cm in diameter. The dark red flesh contains two unusual flat seeds and has a wonderfully acidic plum flavour. The skin is thin but on the tougher, leathery side, and is covered with very fine hairs.

Comments Warnings : The plums are used fresh added to fruit salads or topped with honey or made into puree and used in a number of ways. They are best sweetened when their flavor really becomes enhanced. They can be made into chutney. They freeze well or can be refrigerated for a few days.