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Finger Lime
Finger Lime

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Keep trees well watered when the fruit is forming in spring and early summer. Trees growing in the ground should be fertilised in August and February with an organic fertiliser. Water well before and after fertilising. Mulch with compost or other organic material, but make sure that the mulch does not touch the trunk of the tree. Limes grow well in the warmer areas of Australia but are worth a try in cooler zones, ideally the plant should be located in a frost-free position and protected from prevailing hot and cold winds. They will grow in full sun or partial shade. The finger lime can be grown as a container plant. A variety of skin and flesh colours (yellow, green, pink, red and clear) are grown. Each variety has its own distinctive flavour. Found in rainforests of northern NSW and SE Qld on a wide range of soils. They may be suitable for temperate areas with adequate irrigation and deep, loamy soils. They graft well onto a range of citrus rootstocks.

Comments Warnings : The Finger Lime is a superb rainforest fruit. Its crystals burst in your mouth, giving a unique lime sensation. They can be used in many dishes including salads, seafood, pasta, curry, sushi, sashimi, and deserts. It is also used in Thai cooking, for jams, garnishes, sauces and drinks.