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Johnstone River Almond (Kuranda Quandong)
Johnstone River Almond (Kuranda Quandong)

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It is a medium to tall evergreen tree, 15-30m tall by 8-15m wide, with a graceful, spreading and shady canopy. It is a bushy tree with glossy foliage. The tree bears white bell-shaped flowers, followed by rounded or egg-shaped green fruit with an edible kernel. The outside shell is very hard to crack. The fruit and nuts set in March through to June, maturing in July through to October. It requires a well-drained soil with adequate moisture. Mulching the area around the tree is beneficial. The tree is very fast-growing (although much slower in the south), and thus needs a lot of space to grow into. It has horticultural potential for parks and larger gardens. It has been grown as far south as Sydney.

Comments Warnings : One of the most nutritious of the bush tucker foods, it is part of the majestic Quandong family. The nut is eaten fresh and is rich in carbohydrate, protein and fat and very much a staple of the Aboriginal tribes who feasted on them. Seeds were extracted and eaten by Aborigines and special 'Nut-stones' were sometimes left beneath the trees and used to crack the very hard endocarp. The kernel has a nutty flavour