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Lilly Pilly
Lilly Pilly

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The Lilly Pilly is a Queensland rainforest tree and the new growth of this large-leafed cultivar is bright red. Being a rainforest plant it needs a bit of water to establish but after that it should be fine. It grows best in sun (or light shade) with humus-rich soil and adequate moisture in its early years and during very dry spells. It can be used as a hedging plant, a screening plant, a pot plant or any other way you like in the garden. It can be trimmed back to whatever size you like. It produces berries in spring that bring the birds. It is a very versatile plant.

Comments Warnings : The Lilly Pilly fruit is quite bland with an apple texture but often enjoyed by children. The tree is grown for its ornamental appearance offering a great display of colour in an environment. The berry has a tart, cranberry-like flavor, that has a hint of cloves. It has been popular as a gourmet bushfood since the early 1980's. The fruit is most commonly used to make a unique flavoured jam, and is also used in sauces, syrups and confectionery.