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Mulberry, Native
Mulberry, Native

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The Native Mulberry grows in subtropical dry and riverine rainforest north from Lismore to North Qld, mostly in coastal areas. A fast growing screening plant where it has access to water. It needs to be kept moist and does not cope well with frost. It prefers rainforest conditions or protected areas that are shaded. A rich fertile mulched soil. This is a very easy to grow plant. It has a tree habit and can reach 4.5m. It self seeds very easily in shaded and moist conditions. It is actually a member of the Nettle family without any sting.

Comments Warnings : The native mulberry has a small plentiful fruit which is sweet and delicate in flavor. It is usually eaten raw because it is very soft. The seeds develop on the outside of the fruit as with strawberries which accounts for the dark spots on the outside. The fruits are eaten as bush tucker; they are sweet and variable in taste.