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Myrtle, Aniseed
Myrtle, Aniseed

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The tree can reach up to 45m in a rainforest environment but most often reaches 8-10m as a small to medium tree in the open garden. It has a dense cover of fine lush green foliage throughout the year with white scented flowers in the spring. The tree prefers regular watering and fertiliser to look its best as a foliage feature plant. It prefers semi-shade but will grow as far south as Melbourne in full sun, however their size may be smaller. Young trees are particularly frost and drought tender and require irrigation during dry spells. It makes an excellent container specimen particularly when regularly pruned to encourage fresh tip growth. The tree prefers a nutrient rich soil of medium to heavy texture in a well-drained, sunny position. Once established, the trees are relatively hardy and recover quickly from dry spells.

Comments Warnings : This stunning rainforest tree is both highly ornamental and very desirable for its bushfood characteristics. Its name comes from the strong aniseed scented and flavoured leaves. The leaves are often used for flavouring desserts, sweet sauces and preserves. It also is popular as a scented savory sauce or marinade for meats and sets a deep fragrent flavour to salad dressings.