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Myrtle, Cinnamon (Grey)
Myrtle, Cinnamon (Grey)

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Can be found in the rainforests of subtropical Australia from Bega in south coast NSW to Fraser Island off Queensland. It can tolerate cold to 00C for short periods. It is a small tree (up to 7m). Prefers a position in full sun in a fertile moisture retentive well-drained soil. The leaves are 3-6 cm long and have a pleasant spicy cinnamon-like aroma and flavour, and can be used as a spice in various dishes. The cream coloured flowers are star shaped followed by star-like capsules.

Comments Warnings : Cinnamon Myrtle is used in savoury recipes, deserts, confectionary and herbal teas. It can be added to curries, stews and rice dishes. Can also be used in biscuits, sweets and slices - anywhere cinnamon is used.