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Parsley, Native
Parsley, Native

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Sea Parsley or Sea Celery, as it is sometimes called, occurs all along the southern coastline of Australia. Its leaf form and plant dimensions vary quite considerably from place to place, but most commonly it has an appearance of shiny dark green parsley, and is in fact closely related to European parsley. The significant difference is that it grows right on the coastline, often submerged by incoming tides. It is the connection to the seafront, where it grows in composted sea weed and sand, that gives it its special flavour. It tolerates moderate frosts. It is a prostrate plant growing over rocky ledges and sandy ridges, and its small white flower clusters produce seed in the summer months. Although an annual, Sea Parsley has a resilient tap root like a carrot, which gives it a semi-perennial capacity. (Ref: PFAF - see link).

Comments Warnings : It has a special flavor and can be used in soups, dressings, flavoured butter with seafood and white sauces. Some people can react to the sap.