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Peanut Tree
Peanut Tree

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A drought tolerant hardy species occurring around rainforest along the coast of NSW; Qld and in the NT. A beautiful glossy green leafed tree that is fast growing and will grow in the tropics and as far south as northern NSW which experiences some frosts. It should therefore grow where the temperature does not hit zero. It does lose its leaves before it fruits. This tree produces boat-shaped pods. In ideal conditions it grows to 18m but it is slower and smaller in cooler climates. The fruit is a large, eye-catching red or orange capsule.

Comments Warnings : It produces orange seed pods which when ripe are orange or red inside. The pods contain up to 8 black seeds that are edible and taste like raw peanuts. These seeds are the peanuts and taste delicious. The seeds can also be roasted. The black seed coat or testa should be removed before eating. They are delicious raw or roasted and described as similar in taste to what one imagines a cross between a macadamia nut (also texture is similar) and a peanut.