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Pigface, Native
Pigface, Native

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Pigface is a groundcover, common on sand dunes and rocky cliffs along the Australian coastlines. Its common name is Native Pigface while its aboriginal name is Karkalla. There are 25 species in the genus, with 4 species native to Australia. Pigface is a prostrate, creeping succulent that has long trailing stems to 2m, which root at nodes along the stems. It is generally a summer-spring growing plant. It is drought and somewhat frost resistant. Needs full sun, good in sandy, dry sites.

Comments Warnings : Both the fruit and leaves were used as a food source by the aboriginal people. The fruits were eaten fresh or dried while the salty leaves were eaten with meat. A traditional remedy for constipation was to eat the fruit with brackish water. Syrup made from the fruit is said to have laxative properties. A mixture of leaf juice, honey and olive oil in water is an historical remedy for tuberculosis.

  • Botanical Name :  Carpobrotus glaucescens
  • Historical Use :  Bush Tucker
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