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Wattle, Brisbane
Wattle, Brisbane

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Small tree or rounded shrub to 7m high by 6m across. Profuse yellow, ball-shaped flowers occur in spring. It can grow on a variety of soils preferring it to be well drained but the trees can also grow on clay but not where they hold water. They are also frost hardy (will tolerate frosts to -70C). The flowers are very spectacular and the seed is abundant. Hardy in most situations. Adequate water is required. Good, dense, screen plant. It flowers July-November.

Comments Warnings :&nbs;pAcacia frimbriata is one of the wattles used for its seeds in bush tucker. Historically the Aboriginals used wattle seed to make a type of flour. The seeds were first roasted in ovens made in a hole in the ground using hot coals and hot rocks. Today the wattle seeds are prepared by lightly baking them in an oven and then grinding them to a flower. These flours are made into breads, biscuits and added to ice cream.