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Wattle, Coastal
Wattle, Coastal

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It is a very hardy species and is used for dune stabilization on beaches and is found in coastal heath, open forest and alluvial flats. It will withstand strong cold winds and sea spray. A fast growing and hardy plant that is tolerant of all soils provided they are not waterlogged. They love a sunny position where they are at their best. Pruning is recommended to maintain its habit. It is tolerant of frost, drought, salt and smog. The flowers show in spring.

Comments Warnings : The seedpods are harvested while green, then steamed. The protein rich young seeds are then picked out and eaten. Roasted ground Wattleseed has a diverse number of uses in the kitchen, from baking to thickening of sauces and casseroles, to ice cream. By dark-roasting Wattleseed, the most delightful aroma of nutty fresh roasted coffee is released and can be used as a beverage or as an addition to chocolate or desserts.