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Raspberry Plant
Raspberry Plant

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Raspberries are traditionally planted in the winter as dormant canes. They are suckering shrubs with cane-like stems 1.5-2.25m high. They grow best in well-drained, acidic to neutral, rich soil. Originally woodland plants from the Northern Hemisphere, they grow in cool-temperate areas, such as Tasmania, the south-western corner of Western Australia, the Blue Mountains and the Dandenongs.

Comments Warnings : Raspberries are delicious eaten fresh or they can be used in pies, cakes; jams etc. Frozen they can be made into smoothies, mixed with ice cream, yoghurt etc. The fruit has a high iron and vitamin C content. Both the fruit and leaves have traditionally been used with its most famous application being in preparing 'mothers to be' for childbirth. Historically, externally the leaves and roots have been used as a gargle to treat tonsillitis and mouth inflammations, as a poultice for minor wounds, burns and conjunctivitis.