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The silvanberry produces a large red/black fruit from early December to mid January. They will reach full production after about 3 years. They need protection from hot winds and will grow in any acidic to slightly acidic, well drained soil. It likes generous amounts of well rotted compost applied to it before planting. They respond well to regular applications of liquid fertiliser and watering throughout the growing season. Fruiting will occur in December and should be picked every 4-5 days. It likes a cool temperate arid climate. It is hardy to around -150C.

Comments Warnings : Their delicious flavour has just a hint of raspberry underlying the usual blackberry taste. Silvanberry is a cross between marion and boysenberry. It is a complicated cross with boysenberry, youngberry, loganberry and marionberry in its parentage, developed in Australia for their large berries and purple black colour with a medium to fine texture.