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Arrowhead Tubers
Arrowhead Tubers

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Sagittaria sagittifolia is a flowering wetland perennial native to temperate Europe and Asia. It commonly grows in standing, or slow-moving water, 10-50 cm deep. Edible starchy tubers are found at the base of long, slender roots in autumn, as leaves die back. It is a perennial. It cannot grow in the shade. A pond or bog garden plant, it requires a moist or wet loamy soil in a sunny position. Prefers shallow, still or slowly flowing water up to 30 - 60cm deep. Plants are fairly cold tolerant, surviving temperatures down to at least -10°c, though the top growth is damaged once temperatures fall below zero. They grow best in warm weather. (Ref: PFAF - see link).

Comments Warnings : A very edible water plant. Roots and leaves are eaten but must be cooked. They taste a bit like potatoes. Remove bitter skin after cooking. The dried root contains (per 100g) 364 calories, 17g protein, 1g fat, 76.2g carbohydrate, 3.1g fibre, 5.8g ash, 44mg calcium, 561mg phosphorus, 8.8mg iron, 2,480mg potassium, 0.54mg thiamine, 0.14mg riboflavin, 4.76mg niacin and 17mg ascorbic acid.