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Gerannium, Lime
Gerannium, Lime

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Lime geranium is a cultivar with smooth, lime-scented foliage. Perennial to 60 cm high x 1 m wide. Single, pale lavender flowers bloom in clusters. They require little more than good drainage and sunshine. Few geraniums will survive more than a mild frost, but frost tender species including Lime Geranium can be overwintered in pots on windowsills with at least four hours sunshine daily, or in a greenhouse. It will grow well in 20 cm to 30 cm pots, provided it receives regular watering. They can endure some drought and can be damaged by heavy rains. Once established they are a hardy plant.

Comments Warnings : Leaves are crushed and used to flavour salads soups as well as cakes and confectionary. Leaves are used to line cake tins and give an lime flavour. See link for details.