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Sage, Clary
Sage, Clary

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It is found in sandy dry soils along roadsides. A biennial or sometimes perennial growing to 3 feet. It has white, pale blue or lilac flowers. Clary Sage is a biennial or short-lived perennial herb an old world type plant easy to propagate and effortless to grow. It has a wonderful display of colour when it flowers. It is native to Europe a great favourite of the British for its beauty and medicinal properties. It likes a sunny position but will also tolerate some shade and grows best when planted in well-drained nitrogen rich clay. It likes to be protected by a wall or protected from wind. It will tolerate drought but needs to be kept watered but not too wet. (Ref: PFAF - see link).

Comments Warnings : Sage is used as a culinary herb. Leaves are eaten raw or cooked. It imparts a strong, warm, aromatic taste and odour. Very similar to Salvia Officinalis it also a medicinal herb. Do not overuse as it can be toxic in large doses.