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Savoury, Lemon
Savoury, Lemon

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Lemon Savoury is also a food species related to rosemary and thyme. It is part of the Winter Savoury species. There are about 30 species of Savouries of which winter and summer are the most well known. The winter is a perennial and the summer an annual. They are native to warm temperate regions. They are low growing.

Comments Warnings : The leaves have a Lemon flavour, they are used mainly as a flavouring for cooked foods, especially beans, and also as a garnish for salads. They have a stronger, sharper flavour than summer savory (S. hortensis). The leaves can be used fresh or dried. A herb tea is made from the fresh or dried leaves. It is not advisable in large amounts for pregnant women. See Link PFAF for details.