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Thyme, Creeping
Thyme, Creeping

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A perennial herb with creeping woody stems up to 1 foot long. Rosy pink to purplish flowers bloom in small heads. Leaves give a lemony odour. Thyme is a common name given to herbs called Thymus. They are indigenous to Europe and Asia and are usually low growing perennials. There are 3 major types of thyme: French, English and German and each of them have different shapes and colours. Even the essential oils are different. The plants like well-drained soil in full sunlight. They need a cold period to develop properly.

Comments Warnings : TThe leaves and flowering tops of thyme are eaten raw in salads, used as a garnish or added as a flavouring to cooked foods, going. It is an essential ingredient of the herb mix 'bouquet garni'. It retains its flavour well in long slow cooking. An aromatic tea is made from the fresh or dried leaves. Pungent and spicy 100g contains: Minerals - Calcium: 1890mg; Phosphorus: 201mg; Iron: 123.6mg; Magnesium: 220mg; Sodium: 55mg; Potassium: 814mg; Zinc: 6.2mg; and Vitamins - A: 3800mg; Thiamine (B1): 0.51mg; Riboflavin (B2): 0.4mg; Niacin: 4.94mg; See Link PFAF for details.