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Thyme, Doone Valley
Thyme, Doone Valley

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The plant is an evergreen sub-shrub, growing to 0.1 metres (3.9 in) in height by 0.3 metres (12 in) in spread. It prefers full sun and well draining soil. It flowers mid to late summer, with pink to lavender flowers that are a nectar source for bees and butterflies. They are a drought tolerant plant when established. It is a creeping plant, growing to 10-25 cm high and spreading out across the ground using runners. The flowers are pink, produced in late spring and early summer, and are attractive to bees. It grows best in average soil with light watering and full sunlight.(Ref: Wikipedia - see link).

Comments Warnings : This is a distinct family of thyme that is not related to vulgaris. The leaves are used as a flavoring herb in cooking, raw in salads, and for a herbal teas. Herbal medicinal uses can include the using leaves and essential oil distilled from the leaves.