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Hardy to 00F. Bushy herbaceous perennial to 3 feet tall. Native to the mountains and deserts of western North America. This plant thrives on roadside, in sandy areas seasonally flooded, grasslands on dry slopes, waste places, rock garden, or regualr garden soil outside the reach of sprinkler.Sand mulch for best results. In colder areas, may be grown as an annual, or may become perennial, dying back to the root. If your area is too cold to support over winter, this is a reasonably dependable self-seeder. In warmer zones, the plant will produce a thick, rubbery, perennial stem that may be crowned by a rosette of green leaves, and gives rise, in season, to more stems, followed by bright golden yellow flowers, which give way to the soft green cauldron filled with balsamic oleo-gum-resin. This is the stage when the plant is at its highest medicinal activity. Plant prefers full sun and dryish, well-drained soils.

Comments Warnings : The real effectiveness and medicinal value of this plant was not recognized by the orthodox practitioners of medicine in the US till the middle of the 19th century - after which it came into prominence as a major therapeutic and medicinal herb. Official recognition of the grindelia came with the introduction of the herb in the Pharmacopoeia of the United States from 1882 to about 1926. Modern herbalists still prescribe the herb as a major remedy in treating some types of disorders. Ref: Herbs 2000 see link