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Hollyhock (In Production)
Hollyhock (In Production)

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Most hollyhocks are perennials but there are a few annual hollyhock species; Alcea hollyhocks have heart-shaped leaves and double-bloom flowers of white, crimson, pink, red, rose or yellow. Hollyhocks flower throughout the summer and often grow to a height of 6 feet or more. The Althaea species have a common name of 'Mallow'. Hollyhocks are ideal for cottage gardens and will grow up against walls and fences. The plant grows taller than a man and carries huge red flowers along its stem.

Comments Warnings : The fresh flowers were considered a culinary delicacy in old China. The dried flowers were much used as a tea by women in England and New England settlements. Every household had its stand of hollyhock plants, however, it is neglected in most modern gardens. Ref: Medicinal Herb info. see link