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An upright perennial growing to 4 feet, it has oval to heart shaped velvety leaves. Lavender to pink-white flowers. It grows on the edges of salt and freshwater marshes. Marshmallow is a perennial aromatic herb indigenous to Europe. Although in some countries it is found growing in the wild it is cultivated commercially for medicinal uses. It generally grows best in marshy lands. So it needs to be kept moist during dry summers. (Ref: PFAF - see link).

Comments Warnings : Marshmallow is both a culinary and medicinal herb. Leaves can be eaten raw or cooked.The root contains about 37% starch, 11% mucilage, 11% pectin. It can be boiled. The root is concentrated by boiling until it has a similar consistency to egg white and it can be used as a vegetable and water as a replacement for egg white in merangue. A tea is made from the flowers and root. See link Ref: PFAF.