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Meadowsweet (In Production)
Meadowsweet (In Production)

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A stout perennial to 6 feet tall, it has a creeping under ground stem. It likes wet soils, marshes and moist woods. An herbaceous perennial. Native to temperate Europe and Asia. Multiple, arising from a spreading crown with delicate, ferny leaves, the flowering stalks ear masses of creamy flowers smelling like honey and mead. Plant prefers rich, moisture retentive loam, plenty of water, and a part shade to full sun exposure. (Ref: PFAF - see link).

Comments Warnings : A sweet tasting herb used both medicinally and culinary. The root of Meadowsweet is used cooked. Young leaves - cooked as a flavouring in soups. Young leaves, flowers and roots are brewed into a tea. The dried leaves are used as a flavouring, especially as a sweetener in herb teas. See link.