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A hardy perennial with erect stems to 3 feet. It grows in clumps with clusters of small yellow flower heads. It resists frost and cold and its attractive yellow flower heads are extremely long lasting both when they are in bloom and after being picked and dried. Grow from root division in spring or autumn. Very vigorous spreading clump. Plant Tansy in areas where it has some room to spread. It can take over a small area. Grow tansy in full sun for the best results. Allow the soil to stay dry. It does not require much moisture. If the weather is hot and dry, water it once a week, but too much water hinders the plant. Tansy thrives on neglect. (Ref: PFAF - see link).

Comments Warnings : Tansy is a natural insect repellent. It has a beautufl fragrance. It was used in the middle ages as a strewing herb. It has a long history as a seasoning and medicinal plant. It is not to be consumed in anything but small doses because it has a high content of volatile oils which can create allergies.