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A perennial herb growing to 5 feet on an erect stem. Valerian grows from thick rhizomes, with 2- or 3-inch-long dark green, lance-shaped serrated leaves growing from a central rosette and a 3- to 4-foot-tall flowering stem with clusters of flower buds. The central rhizome sends out smaller rhizomes, which grow new plants around the mother plant. The foliage has a stinking, putrid odor, especially when handled or disturbed, but the flowers have a fragrance similar to cherry pie. The stinking foliage is as attractive to cats as catnip, and they will roll in the plants and tear them up if given the opportunity. You can sew up tiny pillows stuffed with valerian leaves for the cats in your life to enjoy. Valerian is an easy to grow plant but requires fertile, weed-free soil. It is a heavy nitrogen-feeder, so fertilize accordingly. If growing as a medicinal herb, cut flower stalks as soon as they appear to direct more energy to the root, but if growing as an ornamental, let the plant flower, as the flowers have a sweet, cherry pie fragrance, a trademark of the Heliotrope family.

Comments Warnings : A medicinal plant well used today and well known in modern medicine. It is said that prolonged medicinal use of this plant can lead to addiction. See Link PFAF for details.