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A perennial herb 1-2 feet tall. Small lilac-hued flowers with five petals are borne on a slender spike. Vervain is an attractive perennial. Verbena is perfect for containers as it is frost tender and in the colder climates it will be an annual. In containers it can be taken inside. Vervain is found growing in abundance in the wild all over Europe, North Africa and also in China and Japan. The herb is grown through seedlings during spring or in autumn and the plant flourishes in soil that does not allow water to stand and prefers a lot of sunlight. The aerial parts are normally collected during the summer when the plants are in full bloom.

Comments Warnings : The Romans used vervain medicinally. It was believed to be the plant that served to staunch Christ's wounds. It is recommended to avoid it during pregnancy. See link for details Ref: PFAF.