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Zaatar (In Production)
Zaatar (In Production)

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Zaatar is a perennial culinary and medicinal Herb. It is considered frost tender although it does grow in cold climates. It needs cover for the winter frosts. It grows to about 24 inches tall with large flower heads. It is a pungent tasting oregano with gray-green leaves and native to the Middle East. It spreads from the roots although slower than many of the other Origanum varieties. Grow it just as you would any other oregano or marjoram, in full sun, with well drained soil and lightly mulched to keep out weeds. (Ref: Wikipedia - see link).

Comments Warnings : Leaves are large and pugnant similar to Greek Oregano. "Oregano is both medicinal and culinary. It contains minerals and vitamins A, B1 and Niacin.