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Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose

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Evening Primrose is a perennial, which will grow back after winter. As its name applies in the evening this plant blooms until morning when it closes its lavish yellow blossoms. Plant in full sun adding organic fertiliser to the planting hole. It likes well-drained soil. Water regularly throughout summer until it is established. If summer is dry it may need extra water.

Comments Warnings : IT has centuries old traditions of medicinal use for the treatment of many different conditions and disorders such as chronic asthmatic coughs. An oil extracted from the seeds has also historically been used for weight loss, to lower blood cholesterol level, rheumatoid arthritis and for multiple sclerosis. The leaves and bark on the stem of the plant have also been used for various conditions including premenstrual syndrome ("pms") in women or soreness in the breasts, atopic eczema and different kind of diabetes.