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Tibetan Gentian (In Production)
Tibetan Gentian (In Production)

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The gentian is named for Gentius, who was a king of ancient Illyria; this king supposedly discovered the virtues in the herb during the 2nd century BC. The use of the herb in the medical systems of classical Greece is attested by the name gentian - a tribute to the king. It is a native species of the Alps and other mountainous regions, located in the central and southern regions of Europe, in mountain ranges from Spain all the way to the Balkans. A shady and sheltered on loamy soil are the habitats preferred by gentian plants. Autumn is the harvest season, during which roots are dug up and quickly dried for later use. (Ref: Herbs2000 - see link).

Comments Warnings : As a strong medicinal herb there are Warnings & Cautions: The fresh herb should not be used in pregnancy and the essential oil must be used in low concentrations as it can easily irritate the skin and mucus membranes. It is also not recommended when suffering from high blood pressure.