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Coffea arabica originated in Yemen. It is a tropical to warm sub tropical understory plant tolerating low temperatures but not frost. Each tree can produce between half and 5kgs of dried beans. It likes low ph (acidic) and high nitrogen. Fertilize growing plants with manure. In ideal conditions the coffee plant grows to 7m. The beans are ripe when deep red in colour. You can remove the red outer layer by leaving the beans to dry out. Once this is removed there is a second covering which also needs to dry out and be removed. The beans are then ready for roasting. The plants will grow in rich free draining soil. Plant in a mound to secure good drainage. Use compost and mulch. They also like alkaline soil. Keep them protected from wind. .

Comments Warnings :  Coffea Arabica is said to contain less caffeine and taste better than other varieties of coffee so has become the most popular. The trees are often grown under artifical light to avoid the variants of temperature.