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Cherrie Berry
Cherrie Berry

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The plant likes partial shade or full sun and is tolerant of maritime air. They come from Chile so are ideal for temperate and sub tropical climates. But in the latter they need watering if in full sun or high temperatures. They are frost hardy. Grows and fruits well in partial shade or full sun. Is moderately wind tolerant, though grows better in sheltered sites. Do not let Chilean Guava dry out too much especially when planted in full sun. Best in self fertile, well drained and loamy soil, can grow in sandy soils and clay so is not fussy. Generally pest and disease free. If the plant does get stressed thrips will be attracted to them.

Comments Warnings : The berry is like a small cranberry. High in Fibre, Vitamins C and K. Fruit is very tasty and can be eaten fresh or added to other fruits in desserts. They can also be added to juices, made into jams and jellies. Made into a sauce and added to yoghurt, ice cream or to accompany meat dishes. It is ideal grazing food for children.