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The olive tree has been important for thousands of years and has proved to be very drought hardy. They have a thousand year life of producing fruit with only minimal care. The trees will tolerate a large range of soil conditions, preferring a neutral to alkaline soil type. If your soils are acidic, they may be easily changed to an optimal pH of 7.0-8.0 by simple methods such as the addition of agricultural lime. Olive trees like cool/cold winters and hot summers. Even though olives are evergreen trees, they still need a cool winter so they can rest to prepare for their main shooting, flowering and fruiting in the spring. For most varieties some winter frost is preferred.

Comments Warnings : Olive is an evergreen tree. Its leaves have been traditionally used to treat several disorders, to reduce blood pressure and also aid in enhancing the activity of theblood circulatory system. They were historically believed to have moderate diuretic properties and are useful in increasing the urine outflow as well as to treat conditions like cystitis or inflammation of the bladder.