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Mangosteen (yellow)
Mangosteen (yellow)

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Mangosteen is a lowland humid tropical forest tree. A temperature range from 20°C to 33°C is desirable. Temperatures below 5°C will kill mangosteen trees, especially juvenile trees, and growth is significantly reduced below 20°C. It will grow on a wide range of soils provided it has good water holding capacity, however it does not like to be waterlogged. A slightly acid soil in the range of pH 5 to 6 with moderate clay content and a high amount of organic matter is preferable. Because it is an understorey species in tropical rainforests, the mangosteen requires shading during early growth and development, and shelter throughout its life.

Comments Warnings : The fruit of the orange mangosteen is sweet and tangy although somewhat fibrous. It has a flavor similar to, but is distinct from, its cousin, the purple mangosteen, and its taste being compared to a tangerine. It can be grown in a container. Eaten fresh for its acid-sweet taste, and also used as a food flavouring and to make jams.

  • Botanical Name :  Garcinia prainiana>
  • Historical Use :  Tree with edible fruit
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