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Mulberry - Black
Mulberry - Black

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Fast growing tree when young it is a large tree growing to a height of 8-12m (25 40') and spread as wide as 20m (60'). The foliage is thick and dense with lush green leaves that will feed an army of silkworms. Green flowers appear with the new leaves and develop into red fruit that later ripens to purple. Fruit forms from late spring through to summer and can be eaten straight from the tree. it likes deep, fertile soil and to be Well-watered, especially through summer. Protection from coastal winds.It is tolerant of cold conditions (to -10°C). Needs some chilling to fruit well and so does not do well in the hot tropical zones. Prune carefully in winter or after fruiting which will encourage new growth.

Comments Warnings : Black Mulberry has traditionally been known as anti-inflammatory, anti oxidant and anti hyperglycemic. Fruits are eaten fresh or can be used just like any berry.