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Saba Nut  Malabar chestnut
Saba Nut Malabar chestnut

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The tree grows well as a tropical ornamental popular for its attractiveness in any landscape. It thrives in moist, frost-free areas. The seeds can be eaten raw or roasted and taste similar to a chestnut. It will tolerate low temperatures but needs to be protected from frost. It is a medium sized fast growing evergreen tree. The large white flowers are very fragrant. It is related to the baobab with a distinctive swollen base trunk. The flowers are very ornamental, 10cm long, cream 'shaving brush' style flowers. Production starts within a few years. Saba nut grows well in mild inland parts and coastal areas. It enjoys full sun to part shade. Plant in well-drained soil with plenty of mulch (keep it away from the trunk).

Comments Warnings : The Saba nut is an important provision tree for developing countries. It offers a tropical alternative to the usual chilling requirements of nut trees. Nuts can be fried or roasted as well as eaten raw. The seeds can be eaten either raw or roasted. When roasted or fried in oil they taste like a cross between macadamias and chestnuts, raw the taste is more subtle. They keep for months in a cool, dry place. They can also be ground and used as a flour substitute when baking bread.