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Walnut, Black
Walnut, Black

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Grow black walnut trees in rich, well-drained soil that is deep. The pH should be between 5 and 8. Black walnut trees do not do well in competing for nutrients and water, so make sure the land around them is well weeded. Walnut trees can grow to 25 metres and live up to 200 years. They require a Mediterranean climate but with the inclusion of of a chilling period of 600 - 800 hours below 10°C. Walnut trees don't like frosts mid to late spring (flowering period), nor do they like the temperature to get too hot in summer. The growth of walnut trees may be slowed down if they are located in a windy exposed position. Traditional soil requirements for walnuts are that it is deep and well drained with a pH greater than 6.

Comments Warnings : Black Walnut releases juglone a chemical that is toxic to many other plants. So plant in its own space. Walnuts are edible.