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Goji Berry (Chinese Wolfberry) (In Production)
Goji Berry (Chinese Wolfberry) (In Production)

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Goji berry is an easy to grow deciduous perennial shrub that produces abundant sweet red berries. Use good quality gardening soil but add enough sand so that any excess of water can drain easily if possible.The ratio should be 1/3 sand to soil. Goji berries grow in an alkaline soil of a ph of 8.2 to 8.6 in their natural habitat. The full size shrub can grow to 8 feet, and tends to be slightly wider than tall. The Goji plant is quite hardy. It likes full sun except in hot climates but will still grow in partial shade. They also need a pH of approximately 7.0 and a small fence or trellis for them to grow onto. They like moisture. is very cold hardy, purportedly surviving winters as cold as -20C.

Comments Warnings :  This is an important Chinese herb used as a tonic. By tradition it has been used as a life span enhancing herb, as it is believed its regular use offers a healthy and longer life. There are any number of classic Chinese soup blends that have goji berries as an ingredient. Eg. One chicken, stewed slowly with a few large pieces of ginseng and a handful of red dates, with a handful of goji berries thrown in during the last ten minutes, is delicious. Salt to taste